Mars Hill Academy presents a modern take on classic Pinocchio

Mars Hill Academy presents a modern take on classic Pinocchio

From the moment Gepetto creates him from a stick of wood, Pinocchio dreams of being a real boy. But will the all-too-tempting delights of puppet shows and Playland be too much for Pinocchio?

Find out when Mars Hill Academy presents this new, fast-paced, story-within-a-story version of Pinocchio by Greg Banks, based on the classic story by Carlo Collodi. 

Pinocchio will never be a real boy until he goes to school and stays out of trouble. However, he is easily sidetracked by his pursuits for money, friends, and fun. When Gepetto is swallowed by a whale, it is up to this little puppet to show his courage and prove his love for his Papa. In the end, Pinocchio learns about love,  family, and what it means to be human.

Two junior high casts will perform. The red cast includes Paige Burns as Pinocchio, Alex Anderson, Colt Bennett, Jess Bennett, Abby Bowling, Isaac Dowdy, Kellen Hasse, and Ellen Reynolds.

The green cast includes Evan Weber as Pinocchio, Marianne Erickson, Lucy Hicks, Abby Kirk, Grace Santa, Nicholas Sheldon, Rachel Tipton, and Janie Wehmeyer.

Performance Dates, Times: 

  • Thursday, Nov. 16, 7 p.m. (Green Cast)
  • Friday, Nov. 17, 7 p.m. (Red Cast)
  • Saturday, Nov. 18, 3 p.m. (Green Cast)
  • Saturday, Nov. 18, 7 p.m. (Red Cast)

Location:  Mars Hill Academy, 4230 Aero Drive, Mason, Ohio

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