We desire that MHA would support both the family and the church in their respective missions under God’s providential hand, neither assuming too much nor doing too little for either. Parents will be encouraged to remain vitally engaged in their child’s education. In addition, we pray that God would grant us an atmosphere of love, forbearance, hard work, joy, and intellectual curiosity that would inspire and edify us while honoring Him. We will resist the temptation to gossip, think ill of one another, or to presume the worst, making sure to obey God’s word with regards to our personal relationships. Parents, not teachers, will bear the primary responsibility for remaining informed about their child’s progress at MHA. The staff will attempt to help parents in this endeavor through regular and helpful communication. Our school culture, academic and co-curricular programs, and personal relationships should imitate, as God gives us grace, the examples and teaching laid down in Holy Scripture and in the most truthful, good, and beautiful traditions of the Christian West.