Students come to Mars Hill Academy ready to work for a time and at a level commensurate with their physical and mental abilities. MHA is a student’s workplace. The social interaction and spiritual training that takes place during school hours are subordinate goals for a school. They are better taught in the context of church and home. Work is a gift from God, given before the Fall, which should be relished and enjoyed, not despised. Thus, a sense of responsibility and diligence, not to mention joy, should characterize MHA classrooms. Students in the Rhetoric School will evidence an increasing social maturity, intellectual curiosity and independence, and Spirit-given fruit that will cause them to love the true things, the good things, and the beautiful things. In general, MHA students will perform at a level equal to or higher than most of their peers. Finally, we also desire to see appropriate expressions of God-given masculinity and femininity throughout the life of the school. Our social interaction, dress, speech, and programming will all attempt to adorn, rather than destroy, the fact that God created two beautiful and complementary persons when he made man “male and female.”