The Scriptures tells us unequivocally that God created everything and it was good. The author of Hebrews tells us that we understand this truth “by faith.” We repudiate, therefore, the modern tendency to accommodate the Creation account (Genesis 1 and 2) to modern scientific discoveries and theories, believing that the goal of Christian scientists is to teach a humble science – one that is ultimately governed by the truths of the Scriptures. Because the origin of all created matter has intrinsic unity, the Christian scientist finds meaning and purpose in scientific inquiry, seeing it as an essential component of the command to have dominion over the physical creation. The fruit of man’s labors, provided it proceeds from a heart of faith and not sin or selfish ambition, is good, as well. We rejoice that God was pleased to create flesh, not merely spirits, and assume that God desires us to use our bodies and the entire earthly and heavenly creation around us for His glory. Man was created male and female, that is, He created man differently. We reject the modern notion that we should, for all practical purposes, ignore this distinction and treat men and women (and boys and girls) the same.