The family is the most central of divinely-appointed, human societies, as it is the “training ground” for godly living in all others. Our homes are “little churches” and “little states.” Without biblically virtuous homes, the Church and the State are hopelessly lost. We believe God has called Christian parents into a personal and corporate covenant with Himself – through His body, the Church – and that when God blesses a man and woman with children, those children are holy because they are children of the covenant. These “covenant households” are led by covenant heads (fathers), to study, pray, worship, and live together in a spirit of love, respect, and peace that comes from the LORD. Fathers should set biblical priorities for themselves and their children and reject the unbiblical priorities of the culture around them. Mothers should assist the father in the training of covenant children, as the Scriptures indicate the inestimable role that mothers have in shaping the character and piety (and worldview) of their children. Family life should be shaped by a joyful, Word-centered intentionality. Families led by godly fathers should be deeply committed to Christian education as a duty and privilege, and desirous of growing in their understanding of what constitutes a classical and Christian education, taking advantage of all available opportunities (books, tapes, conferences, spending time at the school) to do so.