The LORD has revealed Himself to us authoritatively, perfectly, and therefore sufficiently, although not exhaustively, in His Son, Jesus Christ, and in His written expression of His wisdom, the Bible. It is the only infallible rule of faith and life for the Church and as such, should be treasured, studied, believed, and humbly acted upon by all who call themselves Christian. As one theologian put it, “The Scriptures speak authoritatively in all that they address and they address everything.” We would agree, with the caveat that they do not address everything in the same manner, or with the same degree of specificity. We reject any attempt to pit a thoughtful, contextually sensitive, and theologically astute reading of Scripture against a warm, heartfelt, devotional reading. We must not leave “interpretation” to the scholars and “application” to the pastors. Every Christian should do both. As Christians, we confess our need to study, meditate, pray, and obey more than we commonly do, believing that in the Scriptures we will find real life.