March 24, 2014

MASON, OH -- Mars Hill Academy fourth graders recently received a surprise visit from Togolese missionary Daniel Kpowbie, who came to deliver personal letters and pictures from students in his 'Master-Care Togo' orphan program. Last year, Mars Hill third graders learned of the program, sponsored by Master Provisions of Florence, KY, during the school's Community Service Day. As a service project, they wrote personal letters to the Togolese orphans which were hand-delivered by Master Provisions President Roger Babik during his mission visit to the Togo. Because French is the native language of Togo, Kpowbie translated each letter.

"Getting my letter was like a dream come true," said MHA fourth grader Nicholas Nagarajan of Cincinnati. "I have been waiting for this letter, and now I have seen my pen pal face to face. I can't wait to write back."

Mars Hill has partnered with Master Provisions for the past two years to perform international service projects, such as sorting and boxing shoes for Honduras and the letter-writing project to Togo.

"We look for service projects where our students can see the impact they are making in both our Mason community and abroad," said Michaux Merhout, Mars Hill's Community Relations Manager. "To have Mr. Kpowbie hand-deliver the letters and say 'thank you' on behalf of the orphans showed our students the impact they have on people across the world."

When a child in Togo loses one or both parents, they are forced to give up schooling and begin working to provide for their families.

"We are thankful to our supporters who have sponsored 21 orphans in the Master Care – Togo program," said Roger Babik, president of Master Provisions. "We see their lives being changed by having their basic needs met, living with Christian families and attending school."

Kpowbie is the director of LifeWind International Ministries in Togo, and was visiting the United States to receive training and help coordinate a shipment of tools and supplies for a Togolese farming sustainability project sponsored through Master Provisions.

Photo: Mars Hill fourth grade students show their letters from Togolese orphans