April 13, 2015

MASON, OH – Mars Hill alum Shelly Peters (Class of ’11) of West Chester was named Outstanding Senior Woman at Hillsdale College, one of the highest honors a senior can receive. Students nominate candidates and the faculty selects the winner.

“When I received news of this incredible honor, my mother reminded me that with this honor, Christ has handed me a platform to tell others about Him, and that’s what I want to do every time I get the opportunity,” said Peters.

Peters joins her sister, Betsy Peters Howard, MHA Class of ’06, who received the award in 2010. Both sisters poured their souls into bettering the lives of those on campus and in the community.

Peters reflected on the role her Mars Hill education, and teachers, played in helping her develop the habit of daily communal sacrifices that have pointed her to the beauty of Christ’s cross. Specifically, she tries to follow the example of humble curiosity set by her Mars Hill Rhetoric teacher, Dr. Christopher Jero, who inspired her to keep striving to know God through all of the subjects she studied at Mars Hill.

While Peters points to Christ as the focus for her admiration and praise, she also points to the unconditional love of her parents.

Peters explained that the honor gave her a forum in which to thank her parents for their never-ending support.

"Because of this honor, I was asked to give a speech at the Parent's Weekend Luncheon. My parents made the trip up to Hillsdale - their eighteenth Parent's Weekend, since Betsy was a freshman - which is the tip of the iceberg of all their sacrifices.”

Peters is a Christian Studies major and a classical education minor, and plans to teach and counsel after graduation.

Photo: Mars Hill Academy alum Shelly Peters (Class of ’11) of West Chester, seen here with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Hud Peters, also of West Chester, received Hillsdale College’s 2015 Outstanding Senior Woman honor, one of the highest honors a senior can receive. Her sister, Betsy Peters Howard (Mars Hill Class of ’06) of Minneapolis also received the award in 2010.