November 30, 2015

MASON, OH – Mars Hill Academy has much to be thankful for; just before Thanksgiving they held their first home basketball game in their newly completed 9,500 square foot gymnasium to a standing-room-only crowd. MHA Athletic Director Mr. Sam Ricketts is excited about the way the gym is bringing the school community together, but he notes, “This isn’t about basketball, it’s about higher things.” Mars Hill Academy’s classical and Christian curriculum focuses on developing godly character, and this has always been part of the athletic program. The new school gymnasium intensifies the temptation, struggle, and emotion in competitive athletics.

“Having our own gymnasium creates an environment where students get to live out what they have learned in the classroom,” says MHA Headmaster Dr. James Albritton. “Mars Hill Academy’s philosophy is based on the precepts of ‘truth, beauty, and goodness,’ which we believe can also be found in competitive athletics. The new gymnasium provides an opportunity to demonstrate these qualities to the community.”

Ricketts notes that amongst students, “there is new energy, a buzz. This is something that they all want to be a part of.” The gymnasium provides the opportunity for MHA athletes to demonstrate a competitive spirit that is God honoring and gathers the entire school community together. According to Ricketts, “The gymnasium fosters a spirit of community and makes the athletics program more of a total school effort.”

Photo: Mars Hill Academy Headmaster Dr. James Albritton speaks to students during the school’s gymnasium dedication. The school hosted its first basketball game in the new 9,400 square foot facility last week.