November 22, 2016

MASON, OH – Pilgrims and Native Americans were in abundance at Mars Hill Academy as the school celebrated the first Thanksgiving almost 400 years ago in Plymouth, Massachusetts.  

“Dressing in costume gives our students the opportunity to delve a little deeper into a historical time periods,” said MHA Headmaster Dr. James Albritton.  “We have Greek and Roman days, medieval days, Colonial celebrations and World War II commemorations.  The students get more creative with their costumes each year.”

The Tuesday before Thanksgiving at MHA looks a lot like the actual holiday, including feasts complete with turkey and trimmings.  The fourth grade class holds a Thanksgiving Seder, where candles are lit while students read and recite Thanksgiving stories and Bible verses.

The day ends with a special Thanksgiving assembly for parents and the community.

Photo: Mars Hill Academy Kindergarteners celebrated the first Thanksgiving at Plymouth nearly 400 years ago by dressing in period costumes.