October 24, 2016

MASON, OH – Mars Hill Academy second grade students donned their surgical scrubs to perform contraction “surgery.”  Students had to make decisions whether to keep or cut out parts of word pairs such as “will not,” “we will” and “have not.”  Second grade teacher Mrs. Alicia Weber of Maineville prepped the class for the procedure, equipping them with red pens, scissors and adhesive bandages which acted as apostrophes. Students then displayed their successful “operations!”

“The students did a fantastic job with their word pairs, and the surgery was a success,” said Weber.  “After the surgery, each student then shared with the class the two pair of words they started with and the new contraction that was the result of the operation.  They had such fun doing contraction surgery, I’m sure they won’t forget this lesson anytime soon!”

PhotoMars Hill Academy second grader Colby Mizeres displays his contractions, the result of a successful “surgery” where he had to decide whether to keep or cut out parts of the word pairs “they have” and “she would.”