October 13, 2016

MASON, OH – Mars Hill Academy varsity soccer team members found a surprise in their net during a morning practice.  A great horned owl had become entangled in the netting. 

“We’re guessing the owl had been struggling a couple of days,” said MHA science teacher Mrs. Lynn Muscarella. “One of our students held out a container of water, and after some hissing, the owl drank some.  It must have been exhausted and desperate.”

Muscarella contacted RAPTOR, Inc., a Milford-based group dedicated to raptor rehabilitation who has visited the school several times with their educational programs. RAPTOR staff cut the owl out of the net and transported it to their facility where they monitored its recovery. Because owls are territorial, they brought the owl back to Mars Hill for release. Students who gathered to watch the owl were thrilled to see it healthy and ready to go back to the woods.

“What a thrill to see this amazing creature take off toward her natural habitat,” said Muscarella. “It was truly awe-inspiring!”

PhotoMars Hill Academy students celebrate as a great horned owl, caught in the school's soccer net, is set free by RAPTOR, Inc. of Milford.