Academic Highlights

Academic Highlights

At Mars Hill Academy we use the classical method of education built upon the three subjects of the Trivium (grammar, logic, rhetoric), and we teach all subjects from a thoroughly Christian perspective. Classical Christian education is intentionally structured to follow a child’s natural development and saturated in truths rooted in Scripture. A biblical worldview is integrated into all of our courses.

Mars Hill Academy is dedicated to helping our students master the art of learning. It is our goal to provide a very broad education across a variety of subjects, and through these subjects, to teach students the essential skills to become life-long learners and to bring glory to God.

Watch a brief video about classical education at MHA.

Curriculum Highlights

  • Traditional classical subjects including Latin, Grammar, Logic, and Rhetoric.
  • Reading, writing, and spelling using the explicitly phonetic approach of the Riggs-Spalding Method and a thorough English grammar curriculum, including sentence diagramming, to provide a solid foundation for composition.
  • A mathematics program culminating in AP-level Calculus, and a complete science program in grades 3-12.
  • Bible classes in grades K-12, in addition to integrated teaching from a Christian worldview across our entire curriculum.
  • An interdisciplinary humanities curriculum in grades 9-12.

 Academic Highlights

  • Historically, 25% of Mars Hill Academy seniors have been recognized by the National Merit Scholarship program, placing them among the top 3% of graduating seniors nationwide.
  • See our academic profile for more details and college matriculations of our graduates.
  • Read our 2018-2019 Academic Highlights here.

Academic News
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