At Mars Hill Academy, we believe that the Bible is God’s Word. It is the only firm foundation for all human knowledge, and the only sure ground for faith and life.  Any knowledge of science, history, the arts, ethics, or any other area must be grounded in what God has said if it is to be truly understood. 

In the Grammar School at Mars Hill Academy, Bible classes focus on redemptive history.  By the end of sixth grade, this central theme concerning what God has done for and through His people is traced from beginning to end three times.  In addition to highlighting key persons, places and events, these narratives impress upon the children the Bible’s one coherent story as it unfolds throughout the Scriptures. Children memorize key Bible passages; sing Psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs; recitate basic Christian doctrines found in the Westminster Shorter Catechism; and memorize practical biblical wisdom through a Proverbs catechism.

Students must also know how to rightly handle and apply the Scriptures. In the Logic and Rhetoric stages at Mars Hill Academy, Bible classes focus on providing them the tools to do so:

  • Old Testament Survey and New Testament Survey courses provide a larger historical, geographical, and cultural context for the Bible.
  • Biblical Interpretation focuses on principles and methods of interpreting Scripture properly.
  • Doctrine & Apologetics helps establish a foundation and framework of key biblical teachings that underscores the coherence of the Christian faith and reinforces the truth, beauty, and goodness of the Christian faith against unbelieving religions and philosophies.
  • Worldview Capstone examines how various worldviews work themselves out, not only in a culture as a whole but in our own individual lives.

Bible classes are not ends in themselves, nor are they the sum total of the “Christian learning” that takes place at Mars Hill Academy.  Rather, they provide our students the tools for taking captive every thought and all their learning, for obedience to Christ.

Watch a brief video about Christian education at MHA.

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