A distinctive feature of the Mars Hill Academy humanities curriculum is its interdisciplinary approach.  Under the humanities umbrella we study not only history, but literature, theology, philosophy, art, music, and architecture. As Christians, we understand that all truth comes from the one true God, and thus every field of knowledge is part of a coherent whole.  We seek to learn things in unity as well, bringing together areas of knowledge rather than isolating them one from another.

The MHA Humanities sequence takes place in grades 9-12 and including the following courses: 

  • Antiquity – Classical Greece and Rome
  • Christendom – The West from the early church to the 16th century Reformation
  • Early American – America from its English colonial roots to the Reconstruction era (late 19th c.)
  • Modernity – The West and the world, from the French Revolution through the end of the 20th c.

There is a considerable emphasis on reading in all MHA humanities courses.  Students read almost exclusively from literary works and documents contemporary to the time period being studied (The Epic of Gilgamesh, The Iliad, Beowulf, Dante’s Inferno, The Scarlet Letter, The Federalist Papers, Communist Manifesto, All Quiet on the Western Front, etc.), with an emphasis on analysis and synthesis.  Students are trained to critique the worldview and themes of the text, and to grasp the interrelations of its various parts.

Learn more about the foundations our younger students receive in reading, writing and spelling, which prepare our older students to succeed in humanities.