Reading, Writing, and Spelling

Reading, Writing, and Spelling

There is no more important component of a child's education than that which teaches them to write, spell, and read. At Mars Hill Academy we use a reading and writing program that employs a multi-sensory approach and is very classical in nature. The Spalding Method, also known as the Writing and Spelling Road to Reading and Thinking (WSRRT), is a building-block approach that begins with minimal speech units. These speech units consist of 71 phonograms, which represent the English language spoken sounds. This approach also integrates the teaching of reading, writing, and spelling.

With the Spalding Method, all avenues to the brain are being engaged. The students SEE the phonogram card, HEAR the teacher give the correct sound(s), SAY the sound(s), then WRITE the phonogram. After children learn the first 54 phonograms and can write them from dictation, they begin spelling and writing words dictated to the class by the teacher. Their first reading lessons come from their own writing.  Over the course of spelling instruction, students learn nearly 50 spelling rules and eventually children can spell about 80 percent of English words. Good spellers are invariably good readers; however, the reverse is not always true. With the Spalding Method, children are trained to be both.

Mars Hill students are armed with the proper tools for reading, writing, and spelling at an early age, which equips them with the skills for success throughout their education. 

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