Grammar (Grades K-6)

Grammar (Grades K-6)

Mars Hill Academy students in grades K-6 learn the "grammar" of every subject through music, repetition, movement, rhymes, and singing, and they memorize vast amounts of information in this way.

For centuries in Western education, a student’s introduction to formal learning was structured around the study of Latin grammar. Modern classical and Christian schools have modified that approach by educating in terms of the “grammar” of all subjects.

Mars Hill Academy Grammar School students read and recite from time-tested literature, experience beautiful music, and study master works of art. They memorize poetry and Scripture, and begin to study Latin. Grammar students learn to play choir chimes, hand bells, and the recorder. They explore the cultures of ancient Greece and Rome, the Renaissance and Reformation, and early American history. Students gain a thorough knowledge of geography, science, and math. All of these subjects are taught from an integrated, biblical worldview.

Grammar School classroom learning is enhanced by field trips, projects, and special celebration days. Highlights include Mother Goose Day and Reformation Day (K), Geography Day (1st), Greek Day and Charlotte's Web Day (2nd), Roman Day and Little House on the Prairie Day (3rd), Medieval Day and a visit to the Loveland Castle (4th), Hobbit Day (5th), Civil War Day and a trip to the Ohio State Capitol (6th). Grammar School students also visit Cincinnati Music Hall to enjoy the symphony, the ballet, and other fine arts performances. Each activity provides intentional opportunities for learning enrichment.

Mars Hill Academy Grammar School students thrive in an orderly, engaging, and joyful learning environment in which they are taught to respect and serve others, and to love their neighbors as themselves. In seventh grade they move on to Logic.

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