Mars Hill Academy: The Answer to The Social Dilemma

by Michael J. McKenna
Head of School


What is the mission of MHA? 

Mars Hill Academy exists to assist parents in the duty of covenantal training of their children by offering academic instruction from a consistent, integrated, Christian perspective, by equipping our students to learn for themselves using the proven…

Why Offering Logic is a Help—not a Hindrance—to the Study of Science

by Michael J. McKenna
Head of School


One of the most commonly asked questions by those new to classical, Christian education is, "Why logic?"

Logic is concerned with forms of reasoning. Since reasoning is involved in most intellectual activities, logic is relevant to a broad range of pursuits, but it is particularly relevant in math and science.…

A Headmaster’s Worldview Summit Journey

by Michael J. McKenna
Head of School


As the new headmaster here at Mars Hill (I’ll stop referring to myself that way after the seniors graduate in May), I’ve heard of the Worldview Summit (WVS) with the hearing of my ears, but up until now, I have not seen it with the seeing of my eyes. Today, that changes.

January 22, 2021


Loving the Standard

by Michael J. McKenna
Head of School


Imagine some time in the future, and our astronauts find another planet, exactly on the opposite side of the sun from earth. They travel there and find that it looks exactly like earth in all respects: continents and oceans are the same, countries are the same, people all look the same. From outward appearance,…

The Smorgasbord High School

by Michael J. McKenna
Head of School


John Gatto was awarded New York State Teacher of the Year in both 1990 and 1991. Gatto was featured in the 2011 documentary film, IndoctriNation: Public Schools and the Decline of Christianity in America, and he also worked on a three-part documentary about compulsory schooling, entitled The Fourth…

Mars Hill Academy celebrates 25 years of classical, Christian education

What started as one family's dream of what education could look like for their own family has grown into the only PreK-12 grade classical, Christian school in the greater Cincinnati area.

John Piper considers educational options for Christian parents

In a recent interview on, John Piper answers this question: “Pastor John, hello! I’ve searched for a while now to see if you’ve said anything about homeschool, and I cannot seem to find anything. What do you think? Is homeschool now required for Christians in this age? Is it possible that public school can be an option from God? Where are you at in considering local public, local private, online Christian schools, homeschooling, and schools connected to a local church? Do you have any advice for how we should weigh each option and mix them together for each of the interests and needs of each child we are called to raise?”

Mars Hill Academy welcomes new Head of School for its 25th year

A global pandemic couldn't keep Mike McKenna from a cross-country move to lead southwest Ohio's only PreK-12 classical, Christian school. McKenna and his wife, Chris, moved from Texas this summer after he accepted the position of Mars Hill Academy's Head of School.

MHA alum earns funding for unique app concept

Just six months after graduating from Mars Hill Academy, Matthew Williams ('19) put his rhetoric skills to the test during Grove City College's 2019 Elevator Pitch Competition and received recognition and funding for his unique necktie app idea.

Good soil: Where can it be found?

Did you know that there’s strong scientific evidence to suggest that our food supply may be less nutritious than it was a generation ago and much different than 100 years ago?