Nurturing Our Loves: Building a classical home

You might find the idea of building a classical home a compelling idea, but what does that practically mean? 

When I meet with new families who are considering Mars Hill, I always share the same encouragement. When what you do at home is re-enforced by what we do at school and what we do at school is re-enforced by what you do at home, there is a beautiful fit. 

We all have unique…

A classical home in a pop culture?

We’re all familiar with classical and Christian education (CCE) but has anyone ever heard of a classical home? We might guess it has something to do with the picture of a traditional family — father working, mother at home, all-American kids growing up in the heartland. But, that’s not it. I’m referring to a home structure that supports a classical, Christian education. 


Grove City: "Classical students are college admissions standouts"

When Grove City College Admissions Counselor Frank Ayers interviewed two Mars Hill Academy students this fall, they stood out above the rest – and it’s trend he’s seeing among applicants from classical, Christian schools.

MHS teacher flies like an eagle: Meet Mr. Bob Maruna

A childhood fantasy to soar through the air became reality for Mars Hill Academy fifth grade teacher Bob Maruna as he flew like an eagle across the skies of Egypt and of Middle Earth.

No Pain, No Gain: Counting it All Joy

"Come on boys, no pain, no gain. Make it hurt!" was the common anthem from my high school coach, as we lifted weights, did another set of squats or ran another mile. I would always press on with all I had, because the consequences of quitting in front of Coach Gregg were worse than the pain of hanging on through the pain. Coach Gregg was a favorite of many students, because he worked us so hard.

MHA creates connections

What does it mean to be connected at Mars Hill Academy? Parents partnering with teachers in the instruction of their children. A curriculum that connects studies with God’s Word. Families knit together in community.

MHA: A School for the Generations

I am a proud alumnus of Mars Hill Academy and a member of the first graduating Class of 2003 – just myself and Amy Stolberg, and, no, I was not the valedictorian of the class, so don’t even ask! After graduation, I attended Hillsdale College and graduated with an economics degree. I came back to Cincinnati, started a career in financial planning, and, 11 years later, I am a happily married father of five.

Preparing for Battle: Author shares the value of classical education

The business of education is equipping students for warfare — that was the message author Rebekah Merkle shared with parents during Mars Hill Academy’s first High School Preview Night.

Growing as a Community: Appreciating Classical & Christian Education

In the book that started the modern classical and Christian (C&C) school movement, Recovering the Lost Tools of Learning, Doug Wilson examined serious deficiencies of American education. His implication was something had been lost or so vitally altered that learning bore little resemblance to what it once was.

Students Serving One Another in Love

Nearly 800 pairs of new and used shoes filled St. Andrew’s Hall. Classroom bins overflowed with Thanksgiving day fixings. Rhetoric students walked kindergarten and first-graders to their cars each day at dismissal. These are just a few ways MHA students served one another and the community this school year.