MHA creates connections


What does it mean to be connected at Mars Hill Academy? Parents partnering with teachers in the instruction of their children. A curriculum that connects studies with God’s Word. Families knit together in community.

These connections are a blessing as MHA strives to fulfill its mission and vision of graduating young men and women who think, listen, reason, and speak clearly with a biblical worldview and joyfully submit to the Lord.

For my wife Lisa and me, educating our three daughters at MHA has been more than preparing them academically. Rather, it has been about shaping their whole persons – their hearts, minds, and souls.

While education cannot save a child – only Christ’s redemptive work can do that – it does form much of a child’s worldview. The goal of our work here at MHA isn’t simply instruction; it is to help our students evaluate the world around them in light of Scripture. To do so, biblical teaching is integrated into our lessons. Subjects like literature, math, and science are placed in their proper contexts as our students explore God’s created world.

With a curriculum that helps our students discern truth, beauty, and goodness and a genuine focus on living biblically, MHA has become a second home for the Cotterman family. The love MHA teachers pour into our children has been evident to me time and time again.

Parents are learning good poetry alongside their fourth-graders or logic with their seventh-graders and reading books which have stood the test of time with their tenth-graders. They are encouraging children in their homework, reading to them, praying with them, instructing them in the ways of the Lord.

At the heart of these connections is a community of believers striving together to glorify God and enjoy Him forever. Praise be to the Lord who has brought all of our families together at MHA.