Parenting is hard – but you aren’t alone.

“MHA is a family of families. It was founded to be more than a school,” said Mr. Tom Thistleton, MHA founder and board chairman. “It was founded to be a community of likeminded parents who love the same things and want their children to love them, too.”

Dear parent considering classical ed,

Mars Hill Academy mother, Teressa Mahl, received a message from a friend inquiring about classical Christian education. Here is an excerpt from her heartfelt reply.

Pleasant Perseverance: MHA Freshman Anna Hayes thrives despite the odds

With doctors giving her only an 8 percent chance of survival, Anna Hayes’ life story is one of perseverance and God’s provision.

Mars Hill Academy teacher is published author, has studied a dozen languages Q&A with Dr. Christopher Jero

Mars Hill Academy teacher Dr. Christopher Jero is a published author. His most recent work, “Tense, Mood, and Aspect in the Biblical Hebrew Verbal System,” is part of a collection Where Shall Wisdom Be Found: A Grammatical Tribute to Professor Stephen A. Kaufman.

Fellowship fosters Rhetoric School connections New adopt-a-grade program helps students in grades 7-12

Paintball parties, pumpkin carving, prayer groups, movie nights, and zip lining – these are just a few of the ways the new "Adopt-a-Grade" program at Mars Hill Academy has fostered fellowship for Rhetoric School students in grades 7-12 this school year.

Dear Mr. Cotterman, A spontaneous letter of gratitude from 2017 MHA graduate Salome Palmer

I wanted to write you briefly and encourage you to pursue what has always been the Mars Hill vision. My first seven weeks in college have made me incredibly grateful for my Mars Hill education.