Faculty & Staff

Faculty & Staff

The Mars Hill Academy staff consists of exemplary Christian men and women who love their students, their subjects, and the teaching vocation, and who desire to share their knowledge, understanding, and wisdom in a Christian academic setting. Many have been called to teach at Mars Hill after a career in another field. All are eager to sow seeds of truth in young hearts, and to instill a love of learning in their students.

From the Mars Hill Academy Foundational Documents: "MHA teachers will be bright, highly motivated, industrious, and humble. They will love each student in their classroom, viewing each child as a gift from God and teaching as an opportunity to sow seeds of grace and truth deep within the students' hearts. They will also evidence a strong desire to grow intellectually and spiritually throughout their lives and be eager to discover and implement classical teaching methods, knowing that 'recovering the lost tools of learning' begins with them. Most importantly, they will possess a radically God-centered worldview that informs all they set their hands to do. They will not be perfect, but competent and teachable. They will not assume to know their students better than the children's parents, but offer encouragement and helpful criticism as appropriate."

Mars Hill teachers are one of our greatest assets. Their love for our students - and for Christ - is evident in the classroom, the hallways, the playground, and wherever they lead our children.

"My experience as an educator at Mars Hill has been incredibly rewarding. I know that I am a part of something much greater than a mere diploma, but rather the discipleship of mature followers of Christ. Working within the Rhetoric School, I have the opportunity to see this spiritual growth unfold before my very eyes as I work with students across several academic years. Having multiple years to work with students as opposed to just a single year allows for a more relational approach to educating, and the powerful opportunity to mentor and disciple students outside of the required coursework. I know that I am not just imparting information that will result in the awarding of a diploma, but I am giving my students solid training that equips them to take their faith out into the world of unbelief."

An MHA Rhetoric School Teacher

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