What does our school familiy think about Mars Hill Academy? Read the comments below for feedback from our community groups about the difference MHA is making in their lives. Come join the Mars Hill family and "Discover the Difference" for yourself!

Student Testimonial

"When I first attended Mars Hill, I was the product of modern education where I was constantly taught what to believe and learn based on the teacher's opinion. But Mars Hill has taught me how to think for myself. Mars Hill has taught me not be dependent on others to give me an opinion, but how to formulate my own. I have learned to think critically, and this is something that I will benefit from my entire life." MHA Student

Parent Testimonials

"Our family had looked at many schools, and had not found the balanced combination of Christian principle and academic excellence. My wife is a certified elementary school teacher with several years of experience in the public schools. We had explored every practical possibility for our children's education and found our answer here. There is nothing like Mars Hill Academy available!"  Father of an 8th Grade MHA Student

"MHA provides a unique combination of biblical Christianity and challenging academics. There is a loving environment where children are nurtured in their faith and given a lifelong love of learning." — Parents of 2nd and 3rd Grade MHA Students

"We have noticed a decided impact just within the first quarter of the school year. Our daughter has developed spiritually, intellectually, and socially. It has been amazing to see all that she has accomplished in the academic realm." — Parents of an MHA Kindergarten Student

"When we decided to delegate part of our God-given responsibility to educate our children to a school, we sought after a staff of godly men and women whose lives model the life of Christ. We found these role models at Mars Hill." — Parents of 3rd and 5th Grade MHA Students

"Mars Hill Academy has been an 'above and beyond' blessing to our family. We sought out Mars Hill as a place to educate our children in a godly environment, using classical methods and a Christ-centered focus. We longed for a place where our desire to challenge and inspire our children to do all things 'as unto the Lord' was understood and championed. We knew we found that place when we found Mars Hill." — MHA Parent

Grandparent Testimonial

"Mars Hill is an amazing place! Every person in the organization - the Headmaster, the teachers, the support staff, the parents, and even the lunchroom volunteers - are single minded in their determination to provide the best possible Christ-centered education to every student. The teachers provide the very best and expect the very best of their students! What a rare and beautiful thing in this age of political correctness, teacher strikes and high school dropouts. We are so blessed to have our grandchildren enrolled at Mars Hill. There is no better place for them to learn and grow!"  MHA Grandparents

Alumni Testimonials

"At MHA I learned how to learn, how to think about what I learned, and how to articulate my thoughts to others. I left MHA with a curiousity about life, as well as the skills to satisfy that curiousity. All this is a product of the educational philosophy at MHA, but it is especially due to the quality of the teachers and the community of fellow students at the school." 

"My favorite aspect about Mars Hill is their integration of biblical thinking into all aspects of life. Christian teaching was not restricted to a New Testament or Old Testament class, but was implemented in our evaluation of history, approach to music, and in our pursuit of academic excellence. Mars Hill equipped us as students to learn about and understand the world around us while evaluating the music, books, and ideas we encounter with a critical eye. I am thankful for Mars Hill because as a Christian school they did not simply dictate to students the right and wrong, but sought to instill a love and discernment for that which is true, good, and beautiful according to the Scriptures."

"When I reflect upon my MHA educational experience, the one thing that stands out is the devotion and commitment of each of my teachers to the development of my Christian worldview. MHA teachers truly desired to see each student build his educational framework through the lens of God's Word and His truth."

"The teachers at MHA were always very involved with the students' lives, and they really cared about our growth and development. They were outstanding role models for me as I was growing up. I don't think a student can get the same deep and thorough training in the Word of God anywhere else. It set a foundation for further study on my own, which will last the rest of my life. MHA emphasizes hard work, discipline, and diligence while studying. We had high standards put on us at all times and although this was tough for young students, it allowed us to reach our full potential academically."

"As a student, alumna, and former teacher at MHA, I can truly say that classical and Christian education is one of the greatest blessings in my life. God used my classical and Christian education at MHA to equip me with the lifelong tools of learning and to develop my Christian worldview. Classical and Christian education is a priceless gift!"

"I am out of school, done with college, in the "real world," and yet I find myself wanting to return to read and study the same things I was learning at MHA, especially in high school. I would say that is a testament to the lasting significance of a classical and Christian education."

"I am very grateful for my Mars Hill Academy education because the MHA classes, teachers, and students played an instrumental role in shaping my Christian worldview. Also, the rigorous academic curriculum prepared me very well with the thinking and writing skills that I would need to succeed in college."

"I love the way that all classes at Mars Hill are taught from a Christian world view. Not only is God the focus of Bible classes, but of every subject whether it is math, science, English, etc. At Mars Hill this was always the main focus of every class, and that is a great benefit to students who attend Mars Hill and receive a true classical and Christian education."

Faculty & Staff Testimonials

"My experience as an educator at Mars Hill has been incredibly rewarding. I know that I am a part of something much greater than a mere diploma, but rather the discipleship of mature followers of Christ. Working within the Rhetoric School, I have the opportunity to see this spiritual growth unfold before my very eyes as I work with students across several academic years. Having multiple years to work with students as opposed to just a single year allows for a more relational approach to educating, and the powerful opportunity to mentor and disciple students outside of the required coursework. I know that I am not just imparting information that will result in the awarding of a diploma, but I am giving my students solid training that equips them to take their faith out into the world of unbelief." MHA Rhetoric School Teacher

"God used the school to bring us to Ohio in 2000. I joined the staff, and the children furthered their learning at MHA. The school came alongside our family to help us raise and teach our children in a God-honoring way. The rich heritage of the classical methodology equipped our children "to think clearly and listen carefully with discernment and understanding... reason persuasively and speak precisely..." (MHA Foundational Documents).

Now 13 years later, we are seeing the fruit of our labor. Our oldest is married and lives in Minneapolis with her husband, who is pursuing his Masters of Divinity from Bethlehem College and Seminar. The last two years they had been teaching at MHA. Our eldest son graduated from Hillsdale College this past May and works for the marketing department at Enterprise. Our next daughter is a sophomore at Hillsdale. Our youngest is a senior at MHA. What we desired for our children was to become godly "thinkers" and "lovers" of His Word, and we are beginning to see the harvest." MHA Grammar School Teacher