Classical. Christian. Independent. Integrated. These are the hallmarks of a Mars Hill Academy education. 

Mars Hill Academy utilizes the proven classical model of education developed by the ancient Greeks and Romans. Refined through the ages and reintroduced in the United States, this method produces true scholars: students who love to learn, think clearly, listen carefully, reason and write persuasively, and speak precisely.

Mars Hill Academy promotes a distinctly Christian worldview. We present all subjects as defined by Christian truth, and lead students to evaluate all human knowledge and experience in light of the Scriptures. Our graduates possess a deep understanding of their world; the ability to discern truth, beauty, and goodness; and the tools to influence the world for God’s glory.

As an independent school, Mars Hill Academy does not accept funding from local, state, or federal governments, or religious denominations. Our independence permits us to provide a true classical and Christian educational experience that is pure in mission, vision, and result, and free from outside oversight or influence.

At Mars Hill Academy, we integrate subjects and teach all things as part of a greater whole defined by Christian truth. Students are taught logic in mathematics, science in the light of history, and literature alongside rhetoric.  Bible is not just a separate subject at Mars Hill, but a part of everything we do and teach.

Discover the Difference!
The educational experience at Mars Hill Academy is rich, vibrant, and purposeful. In the Grammar School (grades K-6), our students learn “the grammar of every subject” through music, movement and repetition. They are also taught to “love their neighbor” by respecting teachers and being kind to classmates. Classrooms are orderly and safe, and teachers are loving and energetic, providing an ideal learning environment for our young scholars.

In the Logic and Rhetoric phases (grades 7-12), students gain maturity in academic and behavioral goals and expectations. Students function more independently and help shepherd younger pupils. They are encouraged to volunteer to help meet school needs, and participate in arts, athletics, and service opportunities. The environment is one in which students “build one another up” with love and encouragement.

Mars Hill Academy students of all ages are reminded that excellence is pleasing to God and they should strive to do their best work to His glory. Classes begin each day with prayer and singing joyfully to the Lord, and all grades participate in bi-weekly convocations.

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