Mars Hill Academy Kindergarten teachers strive to develop a love of learning and a love for God in your little one during this formative year. Our classical education methods align with the developmental stages of your child.

Young students are excited about learning! We embrace that excitement, imagination, and creativity as we guide children along the journey to becoming lifelong learners.

Because young children love to explore their world through their five senses (touch, taste, feel, smell, and sight), you will see tactile items used to illustrate concepts; children singing, playing games, chanting, and reciting; and lots of body movement. Students begin to develop their attention spans through reading, listening, and telling stories. They work on short, creative projects, and they love to paint and build!

The love of God and His commandments are the basis for all of our learning, and biblical principles are taught and modeled throughout the day in every subject.

Program Highlights:

  • Biblically-integrated curriculum taught by a loving, supportive Christian staff
  • Movement, memorization, singing, chanting, and discovery-based and hands-on learning in a fun, creative, caring environment
  • Plenty of enrichment activities including art, music, field trips, and special days
  • Multi-sensory approach to learning
  • Joyful, orderly classroom setting
  • Multiple outdoor and gym recess opportunities
  • Afternoon rest period
  • Half- and full-day options

A Typical Day

  • Joyfully singing hymns, reciting Scripture, learning Bible facts, and listening to Bible stories.


  • Reciting phonograms, practicing proper letter formation, reading and engaging in literature, and dramatically reciting poetry.


  • Counting, calendar/weather, working with math manipulatives, solving story problems, telling time, building patterns, using money, and creating graphs.


Kindergarteners attend art class twice a week and music class once a week for half-day students and twice a week for full-day students. Students also enjoy field trips and special celebrations throughout the year, such as Reformation Day, Mother Goose Day, Dr. Seuss Week, and Christmas and Easter parties.

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