A Spontaneous Letter of Gratitude from Alumna Salome Palmer ('17)

October 14, 2017


Dear Mr. Cotterman,

I wanted to write you briefly and encourage you to pursue what has always been the Mars Hill vision. My first seven weeks in college have made me incredibly grateful for my Mars Hill education.

Broadly speaking, Mars Hill trained me to recognize what is true, good, and beautiful and what is not. Mars Hill taught me how to carry myself with decorum. Mars Hill taught me how to visibly respect others whether it be by abstaining from technology while someone else is speaking or whether it be addressing my elders by sir and ma’am. At Mars Hill I learned how to work hard and work well. I am now taking 20 credit hours despite the warning from my peers and advisors. I am doing very well in them and enjoying every one of them, however. At Mars Hill I learned how to read with discernment and how to speak with clarity. It has surprised me greatly how many students cannot stand in front of a room of people and speak coherently. Researching and compiling good content is a skill every professional must have. Mars Hill was unique in teaching students the necessity of the skill from an early age. 

As I look back I am also incredibly thankful for all of the language training that was available to me at Mars Hill, specifically the classical and Biblical languages. I am at such an amazing advantage in all of my bible classes for having taken Greek and Hebrew. I am able to make the most of so many unique opportunities because of it. It saddens me to think how many students at Mars Hill do not realize what an incredible opportunity is before them.  I strongly believe that students at Mars Hill ought to be encouraged to rigorously apply themselves to the application of these disciplines for I see now as I never did before how necessary they are. I do think Mars Hill has the opportunity to produce a wonderful kind of student uniquely equipped from an early age to pursue God’s work. 

My past education is forming my present one in unbelievable ways. My prayer is that Mars Hill holds fast to its vision and retains the disciplines which make it so unique. Thank you for all the work you are investing into the school and know that I feel deeply indebted to all those who made my education so fruitful. 

With deep gratitude and exhortation,
Salome Elyse Palmer