Learn Truth.
Love Beauty.
Live Goodness.

MHA Presents "Our Town"
Feb. 29 - March 2

Spring Parent

Learn Truth.
Love Beauty.
Live Goodness.

Learn Truth.
Love Beauty.
Live Goodness.

Learn Truth.
Love Beauty.
Live Goodness.

A Life-Changing, Classical and Christian Education





God’s Word is the foundation of our school—and His Truth is woven into everything we do. We cultivate the hearts of our students through a Christ-centered community that delights in exploring God's created world and His revelation to us.





Teachers engage the hearts, souls, and minds of our students as they learn to appreciate and love beauty in the world around us. We celebrate this beauty by reading quality literature, creating in the fine arts, and gathering to worship and play.





We are a vibrant community, compassionate and steadfast, committed to serving each other in love inside and outside the walls of the school.

We engage minds, lift hearts,
and honor our Creator.

How We Stand Out

From the first morning of PreK to graduation day, Mars Hill students build a firm foundation that stands the test of time. They learn God's truth, develop a love for the beautiful, and are equipped to live lives of goodness for the Lord.

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